Lab mission statement 

Transdisciplinary education is a powerful means to change the world by creating new knowledge thru research and apply it in order to improve people's lives and the environment. Prof. Cross created the lab in order to mentor students based upon his 25 years of industry/academia work experience in Japan while also conducting research to improve university education. Below is the Cross-lab mission statement.


The lab operates using the lab-based education model* and follows Japanese business-related best practices. Furthermore, the lab develops degree-seeking students’ research abilities and knowledge by providing a framework where they

  • define, manage and conduct their research projects independently,

  • learn by conducting research through reflection (experiential learning) 

  • publish research papers in journals,

  • make technical presentations at domestic and international conferences,

  • communicate technical information on their research effectively (in English) in weekly lab seminars

  • develop critical thinking skills,

  • analyze published research articles,

  • write research proposals and apply for research funding,

  • write and orally defend a thesis/dissertation,

  • learn from and teach other students in the lab,

  • participate in teamwork activities and develop leadership abilities,

  • conduct research collaborations with industry and governmental organizations


The lab also serves as a co-creative space where students have the opportunity to communicate with leaders working in industry and government as well as participate in international research exchanges and meet international exchange students. In particular, Japanese students can learn what it is like to do international research in the laboratory while living in Tokyo. 



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